Metal Stamping FAQs

  • What dimensional tolerances can you hold?
    Typically, we hold the following tolerances as listed below. However, depending on material and design specifications, we can hold tighter tolerances when needed.
    +/- .020” on one decimal place
    +/- .010” on two decimal places
    +/- .005” on three decimal places
    +/- .005” on blank dimensions
    +/- 1 degree on angles
  • Can changes be made after the tooling components are made?
    Yes. Because our short-run process uses separate engineering fixtures for each operation (i.e. blank, pierce, and form), changes can be made for an individual operation at very little cost.
  • What industries do you primarily serve?
    We like to say that we serve the “Fortune 5 Million." Our customer base is so broad that NO ONE CUSTOMER OR INDUSTRY accounts for more than 10% of our annual sales volume. Our largest industries served include Electrical, Power Distribution, Medical Instruments, Gauges and Metering Equipment, and Electronics.
  • Can you use our existing tools?
    Yes, if the provided tooling is in die sets compatible with our equipment.
  • Can you stamp parts that I provide?
    Yes. We can pierce, form, and finish customer-provided parts.
  • What are the minimum and maximum quantities for which you are most effective?
    Depending upon the materials, complexity, and finishing requirements, we are proficient and competitive from prototype orders of 5 to full production runs of over 100,000 pieces per year.
  • I don’t have a blueprint. Can you make a part from a sample?
    Absolutely. Provide us with a sample and any critical dimensions or specifications for form, fit, and function, and we can quote, engineer, and produce your order.
  • My part calls for a very specific finish. Can you provide it?
    Yes. We have relationships with many qualified, outside vendors to provide finishing services which meet our customers' most demanding specifications.