Laser cutting services

Laser cutting services are a technology that utilizes high-performance lasers to precisely cut or engrave materials.

Product Description

It is a common mass production technology in metal processing and is particularly suitable for manufacturing high-volume, homogeneous parts. Here are some key features of stamping cutting:

High efficiency: Stamping and cutting can quickly produce a large number of identical parts, improving production efficiency.
Cost-effectiveness: Suitable for large-scale production, as the production quantity increases, the unit cost decreases.
Accuracy: Ability to produce parts with complex shapes and precise dimensions.
Wide applicability: can handle various metal materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, etc.
Versatility: In addition to cutting, bending, stretching and other shape changes can be performed.
Stamping and cutting are widely used in the automotive, electronics, home appliances and construction industries to produce metal parts, decorations and structural parts.

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